Gema & Manolo


Gema & Manolo Got a chance to photograph Gema and her husband Manolo in a beautiful village called Almonacid de Zorita. A typical village in Madrid area, peaceful, quiet, not so many travelers… Anyway, it’s a nice day for a photo shoot outdoor as you can see, especially it’s rain season in madrid during winter time… Because the sun light was so strong, so I have to use my 1200w location light to balance the sun light… After work there is always a cold beer waiting, this is spain. Great beer! Nice couple!

Family portrait for Yolanda


Family portrait for Yolanda

I’ve thought about taking picture for my fiancee’s family many times, Two weeks ago, Talked with my fiancee Yolanda about what kind xmas gift we should give to her parents…A family portrait!
After the the photo shoot, I photoshop the double exposure for Pily, who is the “real boss” in the house …haha! hope you like the picture!
Merry xmas Pily, Angel, Alberto and my sweet heart Yolanda!!!